For over 50 years, custom processing has been the backbone of our business.  Our commitment to give you the best value for your dollar has made us one of the largest custom processors in Iowa.  Edgewood Locker, Inc. is equipped to prepare the specialty items desired by today’s consumers.

Don’t know a farmer to get a beef or hog from?  No Problem!  We have 1/4’s & 1/2’s of beef, and 1/2 & whole hogs for sale from local farmers.  The price for the beef or hog itself varies with the market, and processing charges are additional.  Call today for the current price and availability!


Beef Processing              Pork Processing           Venison Processing

Need extra freezer room?

We have lockers available to rent. The fee is $10.00 per month for meat that is processed at our facility. If you need to store something that we did not process, the fee will be $14.00 per month.